One Fateful Night

One Fateful Night
Welcome to our very first Pets R Perfect rescue story in which a very scary night gave us a beloved member of our family. It's my hope that this first entry will give you an idea of the sorts of interesting stories you can expect to see in the coming months, and inspire you to share a story of your own!

One night, many years ago, my daughter and her fiancé were making an evening outing to get some dinner at our local KFC restaurant. While passing a small park not far from where we lived at the time, a small white and black shape suddenly darted across the road in the black of night! Now mind you, this particular stretch of road was not very well lit at all, making it incredibly difficult to see. Even so, my daughter's fiancé was able to tap the breaks just in the nick of time, just barely missing a small fluffy-looking dog who had been mere inches from the front bumper of the car. Before they could react, the small dog had retreated the rest of the way across the street, disappearing from sight.

Unfortunately, they had multiple impatient vehicles just behind them and my were concerned about pulling over on that particular stretch of road with as dark as it was so my daughter made the fateful decision to call me to recount what had happened and ask me to pass by that park and see if the dog was still there. If I did not see the pup, they would swing by again themselves on the way back and take a second look. The more pairs of eyes searching, the better, after all.

They were fairly sure they had not actually hit her, but they could not be 100% certain. And beyond that, there was no guarantee that she wouldn't get into the path of yet another car and not be so lucky. And so it was, at almost 8 o'clock at night, I grabbed my keys and bolted out the door to discover the fate of this mysterious little dog for myself.
As I parked the car I saw no trace of any dog in the area until I looked toward the street and barely visible I see a small furry puppy just sitting by the wooden post fence that bordered the park. I carefully and slowly approached it speaking softly and crouching down as I neared it. My heart was in my throat for fear it would bolt out into the street and go into the traffic. It was already dark and would be impossible to catch it. As I got close and closer I extended my hand and to my shock the puppy just laid on its side looking at me a bit nervously. I seized the opportunity and scooped it up gently. I was worried it might have a broken leg or internal injuries but as soon as I rose and had it in my arms it started to wriggle and wiggle ferociously out of excitement! There was no lack of energy in this little one! So I put it in the back seat of my Saturn Vue SUV and dashed to my vet to see of it was microchipped and I could reunite it with its mom and dad. I could tell that this little baby was someone's cherished pet because she was recently groomed and smelled of a woman's perfume. This made me sad and determined to help her get back home. Yes, this was a very loved little girl. We posted signs on posts in the area and as many social media sites as possible, but weeks went by and it was clear that no one came looking for her. She was pretty crazy for the first couple of months and would race around the house like a Tasmanian Devil...LOL! So much energy!!! But after a while she calmed down and settled in beautifully. That was 12 years ago. She has always been a total sweetheart and incredibly smart. She is mommy's little girl and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful furry daughter. We love you Tammy! 
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