About Us

Pets R Perfect. The name of our pet product business truly reflects how we feel about pets. This is a family owned company and we believe that ALL Pets are Perfect! We bring you beautiful merchandise because we dream about a world where every pet gets to sleep safely in a cozy warm and lovely bed, surrounded by people who will cherish and protect them until they cross that Rainbow Bridge.

Your pets will always find comfort, protection and beauty in the merchandise we sell. Every customer will be provided with high quality merchandise because you cherish your fur kids and want the very best for them

Our product lines have been designed to suit a large variety of preferences and decorating styles. We offer everything from fun and casual to popular or exclusive! There's something here for everyone.

Fine workmanship and a real attention to detail sets us apart from the other mainstream stores that mass produce their products. Our stylish Pet Beds are always made to order and exclusively designed for comfort and durability.

We are committed to helping the animals and we love to bring you information and stories we think you'll enjoy. Our blog will be featuring some topics of interest to deepen the love and connection with our cherished pets.

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We love hearing from our customers and you can always reach us at: info@petsrperfect.com 

Below you'll see me, Lucia, and my precious little Leena and Tammy in their cute Christmas dresses a few years ago. Both girls are rescues and you can read their stories in our blog. ;-)