Regal Bed - Bubble Gum

Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum
Regal Bed - Bubble Gum

Bessie and Barnie


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Our beautiful Regal Bed offers the same design and comfort as our world famous Calming Bagel Beds. Designed with five large water proof pillows, the Regal Bed evenly distributes the weight of your pet preventing it from caving in and providing comfortable support. This design is perfect for the dogs who love to sleep spread out and those that prefer to sleep on their sides. Not all dogs like to sleep all cuddled up and this is an important factor to consider when choosing a bed for your pet. These beds have a calming quality about them as well, because of the textures of the faux fur. Your pet will feel the same familiar comfort that they felt when they had their mom or their siblings to sleep and play with. And interestingly this feature discourages most dogs to chew on their beds. They don’t like to chew on the fur.

Regal Bed Sizes:

Small: 28” X 24” X 4”

Medium: 32” X 26” X 6”

Large: 46” X 35” X 6”

Extra Large: 56” X 41” X 6”

Product Details

  • 100% American Made by Artisans in the United States
  • Luxurious unparalleled soft fabrics
  • Custom made for your pet
  • Cover is machine washable/dryer friendly (please check care instructions)
  • Water proof pillow liner
  • Filling made of eco-friendly polyfill
  • Long lasting

And if that wasn’t enough, our whole collection is machine washable. You can put them in your washing machine and dryer and they’ll come out smelling clean and fresh!

We have included care instructions below:

  1. Unzip your cover, remove the pillow, zip the cover securely and toss it in the washer in cold temperature (please use easy care washing). To dry, we recommend machine dry, air fluff, no heat.
  2. PILLOWS Bessie + Barnie beds inserts all come with a waterproof pillow liner insulated with eco-friendly polyfill. Therefore, a wet cloth is enough to clean its exterior. We recommend using a dry cloth to remove the humidity before reassembling the bed again. Pillows are not machine washable. Do not wash your insert pillows in the washing machine because you can damage them.
  3. Watch our YouTube video for the care instructions.
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(201) Bessie and Barnie Sicilian Rectangle Bed - How to Clean and Assemble - YouTube