Brown Rabbit & Chocolate Shag Snuggle Bed

Brown Rabbit & Chocolate Shag Snuggle Bed

Baylee Nasco


Snuggle Beds

Our soft and luxurious Snuggle Beds are as versatile as they are beautiful. Fully open it is a comfy round bed that allows for your pup to lay out and sleep comfortably on its side. It also has a drawstring around the outer perimeter that can be pulled up to accommodate a very snuggly bed for puppies who love to curl up for that luxurious nap. These high quality fabrics of various textures and prints are removable from the bed so that you can throw them in the wash whenever necessary.


  • Small: 24" Diameter 
  • Medium: 30" Diameter
  • Large: 36" Diameter


  • Soft and reversible
  • Made in the USA
  • Drawstring Mechanism
  • Machine Washable & air dry